The oral exam of the American Academy Board of Periodontology is typically given in May each year. The includes presentation of clinical situations where candidates are tested on decision making and knowledge regarding the entities presented.

Exam Format: Two sessions of 1.5 hours each.

Two examiners per session for a total of four different examiners

A total of five case protocols and three vignettes

Vignette topics may include: medical management; medical emergencies; periodontal or oral medicine; perio-pathology; post-op complications; and management of failures

Each 30-minute case protocol will be graded on the following skills: Diagnosis; Etiology; Prognosis; Treatment Plan; Therapy and Evaluation of Therapy; and Maintenance.

Each 10-minute vignette protocol will be graded on two skills: Diagnosis and Therapy. They are referred to as vignettes. A limited sample of 10 vignettes are contained in this module.